Diana Dobin

president, Valley Forge Fabrics

Diana Dobin is President & Chief Sustainability Officer of Valley Forge Fabrics. She graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in English, Psychology & Women’s Studies. She is leading a successful career in sales, design, and textile innovation. Valley Forge Fabrics is the largest decorative fabric supplier to the Hospitality industry worldwide and boasts fully staffed offices in the USA, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Italy and Dubai. A family owned and operated company, Valley Forge is headquartered in South Florida and prides itself on its agility, speed and adaptability. Dobin is second generation in the family and presently runs day to day operations with her brother Michael. Diana’s 20 years of experience includes international postings in Asia, sales management of various domestic and international territories, business development, product development and team building. Diana’s present responsibilities include direct supervision of all Business Development, Design, Graphics, PR and Advertising of Valley Forge’s innovative and international textile manufacturing business. Diana’s goals include developing a sustainable, healthy and successful company culture while continuing to increase revenue, company perception and integrity. She is also committed to continued development of Valley Forge’s FRESH® initiative which directs both sustainable product development and production as well as Award Winning Sustainability Best Practices. As spelled out in the FRESH® mission created by Diana & Michael and their team; "Valley Forge will always pioneer new methods to reduce our effect on the environment. Those methods are re-defined each year and new goals are selected to ensure the company never stops seeking a better environmental path, both in the company's products and processes." FRESH® fabrics are 100% recycled content and recyclable at the end of their life through Valley Forge’s established reclamation program. LIVING FRESH® products are made from Tencel+Plus™Lyocel Eucalyptus fiber, a rapidly renewable resource with well-known human health and well-being attributes. Valley Forge’s large size combined with an established customer base allows for sales of millions of yards a year of upholstery, drapery, decorative bedding and sheeting products; the decision to FRESHen up the way the company operates and what and how it manufacturers is creating a fast and measurable positive environmental change within the industry. At this time more than 50% of the company’s running line is FRESH® and the company has made a strategic decision to move production back to the United States. Diana’s daily focus includes creativity and initiating concepts, negotiating, networking, mentoring, coaching, branding and identity, textile design, international sales and green product and building practices. Diana is a LEED Accredited Professional who is also very active in educating her community on a regular basis in the areas of business, innovation, creativity and sustainability. Diana loves running, adventure travel, journeys to unfamiliar destinations, and enjoying time outdoors with her family.