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  • Polígono Eitua, 70
  • Berriz -Bizkaia 48240
  • Spain
  • P: +34 94 682 7272
  • F: +34 94 682 4902
  • www.grupoblux.com
About Us
At B.Lux we have been working for the past 30 years to ensure a more human, ecological and sustainable future. These values have enabled us to grow and consolidate our business culture. Our goal is to meet the requirements of our customers and improve their quality of life. Our lamps are created by prestigious designers. Product differentiation and quality finishes form the foundation of our business. After 25 years of manufacturing decorative lamps for the home and certain key groups (DECO collection), in 2005 we launched two new collections: the TECH collection - decorative lamps with a clear technical function and a strong aesthetic; and the URBAN collection - outdoor lamps and lighting solutions for private and public use. These products have been technically designed for the outdoors but have the appearance of lamps for the home, conferring public spaces with a friendly atmosphere. For 30 years we have been committed to innovation. Looking to the future our goal is to continue working to apply new forms of lighting, such as LED, that combine technology and sustainability, without losing the essence of our project: the human experience and the environment.
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  1. LIGHTING: Ceiling Fans/Sconces
  2. LIGHTING: Chandeliers/Pendants
  3. LIGHTING: Lamps
  4. New Exhibitor
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